My new friend

I have a new friend. Her name is Nissa Amanda, and I call her Manda. She is my first chairmate since I got into X IPA 7 class, 3 Senior High School Bandung. She is from 2 Junior High School Bandung. We get along well.
Manda was born in Bandung, and she will celebrate her 15th birthday on September 16th this year. She lives in Parahyangan Rumah Vila B-105, Bandung. She has one little sister and her sister’s name is Nisrina Elhidaiya. Manda’s sister is a student of elementary school.

Manda’s favorite things are Disney, Marvel, music, movies, fast wi-fi (I like it too!), cozy place to sleep, and some amazing books. Her favorite beverage is mineral water. Her favorite food is fried chicken and fries.

She likes to play music instruments. She also likes to sing. But she thinks she don’t sing really well. She also loves to watch movie and sleep. I guess Manda really really really likes to sleep since she can sleep more than 15 hours if someone doesn’t wake her upt! Manda really loves Kpop and other Korean things. She also loves to learn foreign languages. She can speak English, Korean, a little Japanese and Chinese.

Manda wants to be a doctor, because she wants to help many people. She likes designing things. Other than to be a doctor, she wants to have her own fashion brand or to be an architect.


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