visit place in Bandung


IMG_2573 (2)

This is starbucks,i come to starbucks in paris van java,because it is close to my house.This place comfortable and nice place,when the saturday night come this place always crowded

IMG_2570 (2)

it’s the situation in starbucks,when people are needed coffee,drinks,fresh food,and cake.when people come home from work,and many young people are hanging out in starbucks

IMG_2571 (2)

in starbucks not just for the hang out with friend,family,but can also be a place to do the assignment

IMG_2572 (2)

this my favorite menu from starbucks,strawberries creme feels good and it’s funny and the color pink is also very cute,because i love pink

IMG_2575 (2)

they are always ready to serve customers with a friendly and good.


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