Before camping, my preparation for goods appropriate commands have been determined. after preparation, then I sleep. the next day I woke up at 4:00 am , I do the morning prayers, breakfast and then take a shower and prepare to go camping. we all gathered at Belitung school at 06.30 am. After that we all went to the army truck and roll call every class. After we all pray before starting the journey in order to survive until arrived,then we go. estimates reach there at 09.00 am but it turns out that we arrived at 08.00 am.

We do opening ceremony. After that we build up our tent, not long after it rained was coming , everybody went inside the tent. It was lunch time and pray time. At about 01.00 pm ,it still raining , but we still continued the activity.the material finish at about 04.00 pm , and we rest until 08.00 pm. at 08.00 pm we all gathered at the borders to prepare some performing arts, performing arts began at 09.00 pm and finished at 11.00 pm, and then we took a break to sleep.

But it turns out I can not sleep until morning because I feel the heat inside the tent, I finally came out with my friend to look for the wind, my friend and I go to the toilet. I was assigned to cook, after all clear morning exercise and eating , we were all told to getting ready to start the games. finished at 12.00 pm after that we packed to go home, after turn down the tent, we gathered in the field for closing ceremony, then we went to the truck. before the journey we all pray first to be saved until arrived. We arrived at Belitung school at 03:00 pm.


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