School activity

i joined foster (baseball and softball club), i was confused choosing what extracurricullar should i choose,then i decided to join foster because i wanted to try something different. foster is a softball and basketball club,i chose foster because i like exercising.The first rehearsal was at bali field ,i didn’t come because i was sick,on the second gathering at jl.lodaya i attended the gathering .It was my first time.At first, i was embarassed and then i met the coach ,the coach started to tell us how to throw and catch the was really hard but i kept trying and felt so happy because that was my first time playing softball,until 6 p.m and finally i came home

The next week,my friends and i exercised again at lodaya field,we ran around the field,and at the moment we were taught about our hands,legs,and waits position when we threw the ball by was very difficult when i tried it because the stick was position was wrog.until the nexr meeting we still exercised the same things and i was very excited to join the weekly exercise.thenext meeting we were told that we should make clothes and we would join a tournament on january,after the announcement ,we exercised every monday,tuesday,thursday,and friday.if we couldn’t attend,we could choose which days we wanted to exercise.that monday after rindam was the last payment for administration on the clothe,but i didn’t come to school because i was sick.when i came to school,i forgot it everytime so i couldn’t get the clothes because i was too late.and then i heard a news there was a selection to join the tournament,and i sadly wasn’t chosen to play for the tournament.


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