In this holiday,i’m so stressed,because i have to perform supplementary lessons in school,my holiday was cut a few days because it was my fault.

In the first day,i don’t know what i’m going to do, what it’s very bored,and i just stay at home with my brother,because my mother and my father go to work,omg i don’t know my daily life is boring.I just stay at home,watching tv,playing game with my brother,delivery food,reading a book or novel and chatting with my friend until late night in the group line.Sometimes i go to mall to buy something or dinner with my friend,its so fun meet with my old friend,although just a few hours.

I spend my new year at home with my family,i bought some food for bbq in the supermarket,and i made a bbq,burger,etc,at 00:00am we make a wish ,after that i play fireworks with my cousin,and its so very happy.

The next day i just stayed at home,i just watch movie,playing game with my brother,sometimes i go to cafe with my friend.


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